Prospect Rock Permaculture

Design and Education for Ecological Culture

Internship Application

We’d like to receive all applications by February 29 if possible (yeah, Leap Year!).  Please be in touch if you are planning to apply and will not have your application in by then, so that we’ll know to expect it and when.

Thank you for your application!

If possible we’d like to meet with all applicants, preferably on the farm.  If you aren’t able to visit us on the farm, we can arrange a Skype or FaceTime.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

We are planning to respond to all applicants by the end of February, and planning to start the internship May 1.  While the camping is less comfortable, successful applicants are welcome to come before that time, as most of our nursery work and barefoot tree planting is happening in April.  However, the apartment is occupied until May 1.

While we only have the ability to select relatively few people for the full time residential internship, we are sill open to hosting applicants who were not offered the position for shorter work/ study stays.

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