Vermont's Permaculture Institute

(Local Posting) Lost Water Pump! September 5

Hi Friends and Neighbors,

With the sudden rise in river level yesterday, our new passive irrigation pump became released from its moorings.  If you could help us spread the word to friends in Johnson, Jeffersonville, Cambridge, Fletcher, Fairfax, Georgia and Milton- especially boaters, fishermen, farmers, and other properties along the Lamoille River- it would be most appreciated!!

The pump looks like a blue barrel connected to a motor boot propeller.  It was also connected to blue PEX waterline.  The pump is an essential part of our irrigation strategy, and is especially useful watering riparian plantings to provide habitat and river health protection.

Below is a photo and a video of the pump in action:


We will offer a reward for the safe return of our pump.  If you have seen it- even just floating by- please call or email Keith Keith(at) (802) 734-1129.

Again, thank you for your help in spreading the message through our watershed communities.

Please be in touch if you would like a flyer to hang at a gas station or other community hub.



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