Vermont's Permaculture Institute

LactoFermentation Workshop- Sunday Sept. 16!

Hi Friends,

Join us this Sunday, September 16, to learn the ancient art and alchemy of using helpful bacteria to preserve food for Fall and Winter storage. This hands-on workshop will survey the many options of lacto-fermentation and its health benefits. We will also make several fermented foods at Willow Crossing Farm’s new Harvest Kitchen.

Cost is $35, which includes a jar of fermented food to enjoy at home. Please pre-register by emailing
or call (802) 355-6910

Workshop led by Emily Wheeler, head chef for our annual Permaculture Design Certification course, and other farm dinners.Emily grew up in central Vermont, connecting with nature on her family’s small parcel of land with gardens, fields and forest. Her interest and awareness in food began at an early age, when she became a vegetarian and necessity taught her to cook. While in college, her curiosity of how things work led her to the conclusion that the world would be much happier if more time was spent in direct connection with growing, harvesting, preparing and enjoying food. Currently a student of herbal medicine, Emily cooks with a unique approach which honors the Vermont seasons, traditional diets, allergies and special needs. She welcomes all into the kitchen and gardens, in hopes that every opportunity will deepen student’s connection to their personal culinary passions.Emily’s creative intention for the course’s menu is to introduce student’s to the possibilities of local-foods-based meals while nourishing body and mind. Meat will be served regularly, although not daily. Expect creative fare ranging from home-made buckwheat noodle stir-fries with Vermont kim chee, spinach and dandelion frittata with new potato home fries, tempeh and lamb kabobs, or a fresh summer salad with goat’s milk chevre and fresh herbal sun tea. Most dietary needs can be accommodated, including dairy or wheat/gluten intolerance, vegetarian/vegan diets, and other sensitivities.

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