Vermont's Permaculture Institute

Advanced Permaculture Design Internships, May-October 2012

Advanced Permaculture Design, Build, Grow, Teach Internships:
Prospect Rock Permaculture and Willow Crossing Farm are excited to announce an expansion of our internship program for the 2012 growing season.  We”ll be having 4 focus-track residential internship positions for permaculture designers, growers, builders, and educators looking to further develop professional practice.  Please share with potentially interested friends, networks, students, etc.

The focus tracks are:

Food and Medicine Production / Plant Animal Systems:  This intern will assist and be guided in developing skills with our food and medicinal herb production; nursery work for organic fruit and nut trees, berries, and vines; natural beekeeping; integrated poultry systems; conservation plantings; wildcrafting; greenhouse management (passive solar attached and Vermont’s first rolling greenhouse designed for unheated winter production).  They will work with the Natural Building Intern in developing food storage and processing facilities, and the Whole Systems Design Intern in advising on the plant and animal components of garden and farm design for clients, etc. 

Natural Building/ Earthworks/ Design-BuildThis intern will be more focused on building systems- building design, carpentry, timberframing, natural walls and insulation, living roofs, integrated greenhouses, site work and foundations, drainage, regenerative earthworks, biodiesel powered machine use and maintenance, gravity and spring fed water systems, energy and waste management systems, etc.

Whole-Systems Design:   This intern will be more focused on the client and presentation/ ‘deliverables’ end of the design spectrum- presentation graphics, map making, media generation, professional site analysis, client liaison, etc.
Permaculture EducationThis intern will be assist with educational offerings, the farm workshop series, curriculum development, public presentations, outreach, web and media generation, etc.  Ideally, this intern has some of the most experience with the other fields.
While each of these positions will obviously be working in an integrated way on all of these tracks, the ‘focus tracks’ will help us to help people develop their skills within a particular focus, and also help with management and task delineation on the farm and in the design/ build business to work more effectively as a team.  Ideally, each applicant has already successfully completed a Permaculture Design Certification course (PDC), and has a portfolio of designs and implemented projects.
We have a two-bedroom apartment in a duplex downtown (2 miles from the farm), and will be offering housing there and/or camping at our farm.  We will also be building some other housing options (including a treehouse) during the summer.  The program will run from May- October, although there would be the potential for the right people to stay on longer if they so desire.
Johnson is a relatively dynamic and vibrant town for northern VT, home to a state college, an international art school, and nearby a variety of awesome farms, wild places, tourism attractions, and resorts.  There is regularly live music and other events, and we’re about 45 minutes from Burlington and Montpelier.
With housing and some meals and produce provided, it is an unpaid internship.  However, we are certainly willing to share the proceeds of market sales, educational workshops, and design and building work for clients- relative to interns’ contribution to those income streams.
As for us, we just had our second child, and live between the farm seasonally and a separate apartment in the building downtown.  My partner works in the healing arts as an herbalist, massage and yoga therapist, and we’re both very involved as parents.  I juggle the farm and my design firm, while teaching evenings at UVM (and with other schools), and run some workshops on our farm.  Please let us know of your interest immediately, and which focus track.  There is an application on our website which is due by the end of the month, and I’ll notify those selected in mid-March.  Ideally, we’ll be meeting with each of the applicants, so if anything is bringing you to the area, please be in touch.
While we are limited in our ability to support just 4 full-time residential interns, we are always willing to set up individual and shorter term apprenticeships to help Permaculture Design Course Graduates develop professional, community-scale skills, or other specific learning goals.
Email for more information, and check out the ‘Opportunities Page’ for additional details and an application.
The application deadline has been extended to March 14, however, please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to apply.

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