Vermont's Permaculture Institute

This weekend! Artisan Stone Masonry at Willow Crossing Farm

The work of Anthony McCarthy

Stone Masonry for Farm and Garden

a residential workshop with

Anthony McCarthy and Dan Bermingham

Willow Crossing Farm June 15-16


Jason Endres moving a very large stone last year.

The art of stone and stone walls is the most timeless of all human building and earthworks. Join us for a residential weekend workshop learning how to safely and efficiently make beautiful and durable stone features for farms, gardens, and homes using Traditional New England Dry Stack Masonry and Large Boulders.

Artisan masons Anthony McCarthy and Dan Bermingham will share slides, instruction, and lead hands-on practice while sharing tips, tricks, and techniques to save time, prevent wear on our bodies, and ensure safety, durability, and a beautiful finished wall.

We’ll spend the majority of the weekend laying a curved retaining wall using a hybrid of traditional dry stack and large boulders to create optimal growing conditions with terraced garden beds around a sunken greenhouse/ bioshelter. In particular- we’ll be looking at different types of walls and techniques to prevent erosion, ensure good drainage, and build fertile soil for ecologically regenerative and productive plantings.

Willow Crossing Farm/ Prospect Rock Permaculture is one of the region’s longest established permaculture sites and most mature Edible Forest Gardens. We’ll be working under nut trees with nuts ripening and will get opportunity to tour and explore our most diverse collections of tree crops, medicinal herbs, and other unique plants.  We’re also along an incredible beautiful and clean section of the Lamoille River- take a break for a quick swim or paddle surf between laying stone while spending the weekend on our farm learning this timeless and invaluable skill.

$200 (sliding scale) includes camping accommodations and farm-sourced Sunday breakfast. lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday available for additional cost.  No one will be refused for lack of funds, open to barter and other non-cash arrangements.

The work of Dan Bermingham (with Thea Alvin)

Email, or call (802) 734-1129 for more details and to register.

The work of Anthony McCarthy
Retaining Walls with Planting Beds


Curved Retaining Wall with Stairs

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