Vermont's Permaculture Institute

Darren Doherty FREE LECTURE Friday, Sept. 5. Burlington, VT


Rebooting Agriculture

for the next 10,000 years”



6:30 pm     Jeffords Hall   University of Vermont     Burlington, VT

Supported by

Prospect Rock Permaculture

VT Edible Landscapes

University of Vermont Plant and Soil Science Department

Hi Friends-

We are very excited to announce a FREE evening lecture with one of the world’s most renown Regenerative Farm Designers- DARREN DOHERTY and family, this Friday, September 5, 2014 JEFFORDS HALL.


Australian land designer, developer, teacher and farmer Darren J. Doherty will be presenting on his Regrarian platform, and how agriculture can regenerate soils, watersheds and communities. Darren has been involved in the design and development of nearly 2000 mostly broadacre projects across 5 continents in close to 50 countries. In the toolbox of design and land use Darren is a man of diversity, integrating many different methodologies including: Keyline® Design, Holistic Management®, Permaculture and many others.



darren-designRegrarian, a portmanteau of ‘Regenerative Agrarian’, is a term first coined by HD’s Darren J. Doherty in 2013 to describe those who are actively undertaking the serious & timely process of regenerating, restoring, rehabilitating, rehabitating, rekindling (etc.!) & rebooting production landscapes across this planet.

Regrarianism as a philosophy and methodology per se is ultimately an expansionist and self-determined reflection ofHD’s Charter and is therefore not just about regeneration, but also rehabitation, rehabilitation, restoration, recolonisation (not neocolonialism!), recycling and so on. I purposely took out the ‘A’ in Agrarian, not just because ‘Reagrarian’ doesn’t roll off of the tongue and I wanted to take AG out of it, and for a reason: I believe that Agriculture has been an atrophic exercise and I didn’t want to have it in my word.

You can read more about Darren, his family, The Heenan Doherty Design Firm, and the Regrarian Philospohy

HERE and a feature article about the family HERE

10616158_268258956708905_7527037185687285975_nDarren and Family are in Vermont providing a Regrarians Open Consultancy for Shelburne Farms as arranged by Vermont Edible Landscapes.


Thanks to the University of Vermont Extension and Plant and Soil Science for their support of regenerative agriculture!extlogo1ImagePSS

Prospect Rock Permaculture is one of the northeast’s oldest Permaculture Design and Education Organizations and runs accredited Permaculture and Ecological Design Education programs based on Willow Crossing Farm, with Sterling College, the University of Vermont, and elsewhere.

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