Vermont's Permaculture Institute


The majority of our farm and farm design work has been here in Vermont, although we regularly consult on projects in New York, New Hampshire, New York City, and Quebec.

Some Clients include:

High Mowing Seeds

Organic Farm-Sourced, Gin, Vodka, and Honey Wine are made in Hardwick, VT in a building constructed by Prospect Rock Permaculture with Whole Farm Services.

Caledonia Spirits

Elmore Roots is Vermont’s oldest organic Fruit and Nut Tree Nursery, and has had a variety of projects designed and implemented by Prospect Rock Permaculture.

Elmore Roots Nursery

Crescent Moon Farm

Kingsbury Farm (owned by Vermont State Foodbank)

Last Resort Farm

Miller Research Complex, UVM

UVM Horticultural Research Center

and more.

More to come soon.

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