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1491    Charles C. Mann,    Vintage
A Pattern Language    Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa, Murray Silverstein, with Max Jacobson, Ingrid Fiksdahl-King, Shlomo Angel    Oxford University Press, 1977.
A Design and construction handbook for energy-saving houses    Alex Wade    Rodale Press, c1980
A Farmer’s Primer on Rice Growing    Benito S. Vergara    IRRI
A garden for life    Diana Beresford-Kroeger    University of Michigan Press, 2004
A Language Older Than Words    Derrick Jensen    Chelsea Green
A patch of Eden    H. Patricia Hynes    Chelsea Green Pub., c1996.
Arboretum America    Diana Beresford-Kroeger    University of Michigan Press, c2003
Arborsculpture    Richard Reames    Arborsmith Studios, 2007
Back yard fish farm book    William McLarney, Jeffrey Parkin    Brick House Pub. Co., c1981
Bees in America    TAMMY HORN    University Press of Kentucky, c2005
Bioshelters, ocean arks, city farming    Nancy Jack Todd and John Todd    Sierra Club Books, c1984.
Blessed unrest    Paul Hawken    Viking, 2007
Botany for gardeners    Brian Capon    Timber Press, c1990.
Boundaries of home    Doug Aberley    New Society Publishers, c1993
Breed your own vegetable varieties    Carol Deppe,    Chelsea Green Pub., c2000
BuckyWorks    J. Baldwin    John Wiley, c1996
Builder’s greywater guide    Art Ludwig    Oasis Design, c2006.
Building for energy independence    Don Booth    Community Builders, c1983
Community Gardening    Elizabeth Peters, Ellen Kirby     Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Cottage water systems    Max Burns    Cottage Life Books, c1993.
Create an oasis with greywater    Art Ludwig    Oasis Design, [2006]
Culture and Horticulture    Wolf-Dieter Storl    Steiner Books
Design outlaws on the ecological frontier    Chris Zelov, Phil Cousineau, Brian Danitz    Knossus, 2000
Designing & building a solar house    Donald Watson    Garden Way Pub., c1977
Designing And Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally    Robert Kourik    Permanent Publications
Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture: 2nd Ed.    Rosemary Morrow    Kangaroo Press, c2006
Earthuser’s Guide to Permaculture    Rosemary Morrow    Kangaroo Press
Eating fossil fuels    Dale Allen Pfeiffer    New Society Publishers, c2006.
Ecocity Berkeley    Richard Register    North Atlantic Books
Ecological Aquaculture    Laurence Hutchinson    Permanent Publications
Edible Forest Gardens: Vol 1    Dave Jacke    Chelsea Green
Edible Forest Gardens: Vol 2    Dave Jacke    Chelsea Green
Endgame: Volume 1    Derrick Jensen    Seven Stories Press
Endgame: Volume 2: Resistance    Derrick Jensen    Seven Stories Press
Eric Sloanes America    Eric Sloane,     Bbs Budget Book Svs
Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal    Joel Salatin    Polyface
Family friendly farming    Joel Salatin    Polyface, c2001
Food Not Lawns    Heather C. Flores    Chelsea Green
Four-Season Harvest    Eliot Coleman    Chelsea Green
From Eco-Cities to Living Machines    Nancy Jack Todd, John Todd    North Atlantic Books
Gaia’s Garden, Second Edition    Toby Hemenway    Chelsea Green Publishing
Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture    Toby Hemenway    Chelsea Green
Growing Unusual Vegetables    Simon Hickmott    eco-logic books, 2003
Guns, germs, and steel    Jared Diamond    W.W. Norton, c1997.
Homesteaders Handbook    Isreal, Slay
How to grow more vegetables    John Jeavons    Ten Speed Press, c2002
How to Make a Forest Garden    Patrick Whitefield    Rodale Institute
Introduction to permaculture    Bill Mollison with Reny Mia Slay    Tagari Publications, 2002, c1991.
Landscaping With Fruit    Lee Reich    Storey Publishing, LLC
Manitou    James W. Mavor, Jr. & Byron E. Dix    Inner Traditions International, [1989]
Mycelium Running    Paul Stamets    Ten Speed Press
Native trees, shrubs, & vines    William Cullina     Houghton Mifflin, 2002.
Natural Beekeeping    Ross Conrad,    Chelsea Green
Nature’s design    Carol A. Smyser     Rodale Press, c1982.
New England wildlife    Richard M. DeGraaf and Mariko Yamasaki    University Press of New England, c2001.
Northeast gardening    Elvin McDonald    Macmillan ; c1990
Nowtopia    Chris Carlsson    AK Press
Nut growing Ontario style        Soc. of Ontario Nut Growers 1993
Passive solar energy    Bruce Anderson, Malcolm Wells    Brick House Pub. Co., c1994
Pastured poultry profits    Joel Salatin    Polyface, c1993
Perennial Vegetables    Eric Toensmeier    Chelsea Green
Permaculture    B. C Mollison    Island Press
Permaculture One    Mollison, Holmgren    Tagari Publications
Permaculture two    Bill Mollison    Tagari, 1979
Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual    Bill Mollison    Tagari, c1988
Permaculture: principles & pathways beyond sustainability    David Holmgren    Holmgren Design Services, c2002.
Peterson field guide to eastern forests, North America    John Kricher    Houghton Mifflin Co., 1998.
Peterson field guide to edible wild plants of Eastern and Central North America    Lee Peterson    Houghton Mifflin, 1978, c1977
Peterson field guide to medicinal plants and herbs of eastern and central North America    Steven Foster and James A. Duke    Houghton Mifflin Co., 2000.
Planting the future    Rosemary Gladstar and Pamela Hirsch    Healing Arts Press, c2000
Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding    Harry Hyde Laidlaw, Robert E. Page    Wicwas Pr
Robbing the bees    Holley Bishop    Free Press, c2005
Roots Demystified    Robert Kourik    Metamorphic Press
Secrets of the Soil     Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird    Earthpulse Press
Seed to Seed    Suzanne Ashworth    Seed Savers Exchange
Seeds and propagation    Susan McClure    Workman Pub., c1997.
Serious straw bale    Paul Lacinski, Michel Bergeron    Chelsea Green Pub. Co., c2000
Small-Scale Grain Raising, Second Edition    Gene Logsdon    Chelsea Green
Small-Scale Livestock Farming    Carol Ekarius    Storey Books
Soil not oil    Vandana Shiva    South End Press 2008
Solviva: How to grow $500,000 on one acre, and Peace on Earth    Anna Edey    Trailblazer Press
Stone Designs for the home    John T. Morris    Gibbs Smith 2008
Straight-Ahead Organic    Shepherd Ogden    Chelsea Green
Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture    Nick Romanowski    UNSW Press
Sustainable vegetable production from start-up to market    Vernon P. Grubinger    Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service, Cooperative Extension, c1999
Sweetness & light    HATTIE ELLIS    Harmony Books, c2004.
The Apple Grower    Michael Phillips    Chelsea Green
The backyard berry book    Stella Otto    OttoGraphics, c1995
The Backyard Orchardist    Stella Otto    Ottographics
The Cobber’s Companion    Michael G. Smith    Cob Cottage
The Company We Keep    John Abrams    Chelsea Green
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Solar Power for Your Home    Dan Ramsey    Alpha Books
The Earth Care Manual    Patrick Whitefield    Permanent Publications
The earth manual    Malcolm Margolin    Heyday Books, c1985.
The Forgotten Pollinators    Stephen L. Buchmann, Gary Paul Nabhan    Island Press
The Gap Mountain Permaculture Mouldering Toilet    Doug Clayton & Dave Jacke    Gap Mountain Permaculture, 1992
The great neighborhood book    Jay Walljasper    New Society Publishers, 2007
The Green Self-Build Book    Jon Broome    Green Books
The Herbalist’s Way    Nancy Phillips, Michael Phillips, Rosemary Gladstar,    Chelsea Green
The humanure handbook    Joseph C. Jenkins    Jenkins Pub., c1994.
The Institute of Man and Resources    Alan MacEachern    Island Studies Press, c2003.
The integral urban house    Helga Olkowski, Bill Olkowski, Tom Javits, and the Farallones Institute staff    Sierra Club Books, c1979
The nature of North America    David Rockwell    Berkley Books, 1998.
The nature of Vermont    Charles W. Johnson    University Press of New England, c1998
The new organic grower    Eliot Coleman    Chelsea Green Pub. Co., c1995.
The passive solar house    James Kachadorian    Chelsea Green Pub. Co., 1997
The Permaculture Garden    Graham Bell, Sarah Bunker (Illustrator)    Permanent Publications
The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved    Sandor Ellix Katz,     Chelsea Green
The Sauna    Rob Roy    Chelsea Green
The Second Creation    Robert P Crease and Charles C Mann
The Solar greenhouse book    James C. McCullagh    Rodale Press, c1978
The Soul of Soil    Joe Smillie, Grace Gershuny, Joseph Smillie
The structure of scientific revolutions    Thomas S. Kuhn    University of Chicago Press, 1996.
The transition handbook    Rob Hopkins    Green, 2008
The Transition Timeline    Shaun Chamberlin    Chelsea Green
The truth about where you live    Benjamin A. Goldman    imes Books/Random House, c1991
The uses of wild plants    Frank Tozer    Green Man Pub., 2007
The Winter Harvest Handbook    Eliot Coleman    Chelsea Green
Thermal shutters and shades    William A. Shurcliff    Brick House Pub. Co., c1980
Tomorrow is our permanent address    John Todd, Nancy Jack Todd    Harper & Row, c1980
Toolbox for Sustainable City Living    Scott Kellogg, Stacy Pettigrew    South End Press
Toward Saving The Honeybee    Gunther Hauk    Rudolph Steiner Pr
Toxics A to Z    John Harte… [et al.]     University of California Press, c1991.
Urban Permaculture    David Watkins    Hyden House ( U K )
Water Storage    Art Ludwig,     Oasis Design
Wetland, Woodland, Wildland    Elizabeth H. Thompson, Eric R. Sorenson, Libby Davidson, Betsy Brigham, Darien McElwain    University Press of New England
Wild Fermentation    Sandor Ellix Katz, Sally Fallon    Chelsea Green

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