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Last Call for Canna Camp & July 1 w Heady Vermont!

Sunday June 24 – July 1 is the first week long, farm-based, application of permaculture principles and ethics to the commercial production of CBD, hemp, and Medical and Recreational Cannabis

July 1 we host Heady Vermont’s

LEGALIZATION CELEBRATION at Willow Crossing FarmCannaCamp

A week-long farm-based residential intensive immersion, which culminates with VIP access to Heady Vermont‘s Legalization Celebration at Willow Crossing Farm on July 1!

A participatory introduction to the industry, economy, and ecology of Herb- and a conscious co-creative contribution to the future of organic, regenerative, and farm-based cannabis eco-social entrepreneurship!*

REGISTER HERE           Facebook Event Page

Evening sessions will be free and open to the public- please subscribe and follow us on social media for updates.

Start: Dinner Sunday night, June 24 at Willow Crossing Farm.

Monday–Friday: Course, Practice, Industry Tours

Abbreviated Course Outline:
An introduction to the plant and its history –
Carbon Farming, Social Entrpreneurship, Regenerative Farm Economies (PermaCannaCulture)
Organic Growing
Breeding, seed (fiber, seed oil, industrial hemp, CBD, dispensaries, etc.)
‘Commercial’ Cultivation
Light Dep
Beds and Soil Building

Adding Value
Edibles, Oils, Rosin, Extracts
CBD: Maple, candy, chocolate, etc.
Carbon Extraction, Ethanol and more
Chefs/ Herbalists –
Friday: Course Completes!

Saturday: Optional Tours or day off with meals for cannacampers and crew / prep day for SUNDAY!  Mentor and network behind the scenes with vendors, exhibitors, and assist production crew in preparation for….

Sunday July 1 is ‘Legal Day’ for Vermont

Willow Crossing Farm will host Heady Vermont’s ‘Legalization Celebration‘ with bands, vendors, exhibitions, genetics swap, workshops, guest chef edibles, pizza oven, etc.
Course participants will be intimately familiar with the farm by July 1 and help as ‘inhabitant hosts’ and / or apprentices to business / mentors met during the course (if so desired).

$600 includes all 3 farm-sourced meals per day, camping on the farm, Heady Vermont membership, and VIP / Backstage (Green Room) access to Legalization Celebration at Willow Crossing Farm!

About the Instructors

JT is an organic cannabis farmer in Humboldt County, California, one of the nation’s oldest and largest legal cannabis marketplaces. Orginally from Vermont, he has spent the last decade as a cultivator for medical marijuana patients and consultant for commercial cannabis operations within the Emerald Triangle.

Don Jardon has been a professional grower for over 30 years and has had his flowers featured repeatedly in High Times and celebrated in Cannabis cups around the world.

Keith Morris is an international farm and farm infrastructure designer, and professional educator.

Willow Crossing Farm is Vermont’s longest running permaculture site and tree crops research farm. We presently produce the highest quality state-licensed Organic CBD Hemp Sinsemilla Flowers, and partner with Northern Roots Nursery in producing hemp clones and potted plants, Soil Rebel / Wild Branch Foods in producing Organic CBD oil and other products, and Medicine Womyn Healing Arts in producing a variety of herbal medicines.  (Contact me for fresh CBD Flowers, Starts, Oil, or Tincture!)


LEGALIZATION CELEBRATION                    at Willow Crossing Farm July 1


Following the Vermont legislature’s historic bill legalizing recreational cannabis use for adults, and Vermont Governor Phil Scott signing the bill into law, Heady Vermont will host a celebration for members and the general public on July 1 – the day legalization goes into effect – at Willow Crossing Farm in Johnson, Vermont.

The event will feature onsite camping and swimming, FREE shuttle transportation from Burlington an exhibition of local Vermont vendors including growers, CBD producers and more, live music, disc golf, yoga, a genetics exchange, food vendors, local beer, free cannabis growing demonstrations, and door prizes.

Paypal $35 for subscriber rate!

This event is 21+. All attendees must show ID at the door.

Live music by the Homegrown All Stars, BarikaThe TenderbelliesConscious Roots and Honeytwist.

Thanks to sponsor Phylos Bioscience! For sponsorship info please email

ADMISSION: Tickets are $50 for the general public and FREE for Heady Vermont Members.

More info, including vendor signup, is at

Pruning the Edible Forest Garden March 31

ImageHands on- Fruit and Nut Tree Pruning

A day long exploration of the science and practice of ecological tree crop management for diverse yields.

Willow Crossing Farm

Johnson, VT

SUNDAY, March 31

Click Here to Register

10 am – 4 pm

Join Tree Farmer Keith Morris for a day of hands-on practice with fruit and nut tree pruning, in a diverse permaculture forest garden setting.  Spend the morning in the large yurt learning the science and ecology of how trees lose limbs and ‘heal’, and explore the deep traditions of how humans beings observe and interact with this phenomenon.

We’ll synthesize a variety of pruning ideas, strategies, and techniques to help you develop your own philosophy, understanding, and confidence to go out and work with trees in your landscape in a regenerative and yielding way.   After lunch and some hot cider we’ll go outside to explore one of VT’s oldest permaculture designed food forests- a reforestation of old pasture and hayfield in the floodplain of the Lamoille River.


We’ll briefly tour ‘Productive Buffers’, wildlife corridors, and stop to work in zones of Plums, Apples, Peaches, Pears, Berries, Vines, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, and more– driven by the group’s interest, and discussing pruning techniques for trees both young and old. We’ll look at and evaluate previous years of pruning decisions and ensuing consequences, and explore some natural tree injuries and healing responses, helping participants to better understand the implications of our pruning decisions over varying periods of time. We’ll finish the day practicing with different tools to cut wood cleanly- with an eye towards maximizing production, fruit quality, ease of future maintenance, and minimizing pest and disease pressure.  We’ll also set the stage for top-working, multi-variety grafting, species changes (i.e.. Peaches on Plum roots), and other forms of propagation.  In preparation for our April 7  Grafting Workshop and Scionwood Exchange We’ll also prune mature, bearing Hazelnuts and manage black locust, walnut, butternut/ buartnut, pecans, and more for nuts, firewood, high-value lumber, succession, aesthetics, and other long-term aims.

We’ll pass around, demonstrate, and allow you to trial favorite tools, including pruners, saws, pole saws, etc.; speak to their selection and maintenance, and discuss hygienic practices to promote orchard health and reduce cross-contamination.

This workshop kicks off our series for 2018!  

Please enter your email in the box on the right hand side of the page, or ‘like’ us on Facebook to get the calendar and details for our other offerings such as:  fruit tree grafting (April 7), nursery plant sale, natural beekeeping workshop, nut production, diverse understory planting, spring development for gravity fed irrigation, natural building, compost heat, season extension, earth oven construction, stone masonry, and more. Our Nursery Plant Sale pre-orders are open now, with plant pick ups scheduled to begin April 23.

Our 2018 Permaculture Design Certification Course will be offered July 22- August 3, and they are filling quickly.  Applications for our Advanced Permaculture Design / Build /Grow / Teach internship, and APDC guided portfolio development will now be accepted on a rolling basis!

Event is $40-60 suggested donation/ sliding scale, including warm or cold cider during lunch and a round of hard cider tasting (21 and over) afterwards.  No one will be refused for lack of funds.

*We are looking for photographers or videographers to help document the event, or create a short educational video.*

Please pre-register, and dress to spend the day outdoors.


We’ll need your email address if you’re planning on coming because the weather will determine where we’ll have people park.  Feel free to bring your *clean, sterile, and sharp* pruners and saws.


Felco’s F 13s- the pruner of choice for large hands, or thick branches

Keith Morris has been collecting and experimenting with rare fruit and nut trees for 20 years, and teaches ecological design throughout the northeast.  He has worked to help create resilient, diverse, socially just, and economically viable food systems around the world since 1996. Please spread the word to potentially interested friends and networks. Thank you for your support of our work!

Thanks, Keith and Crew Willow Crossing Farm

For rideshares, conversation, or sharing with facebook friends- please visit the event page here:

You can view some photos from last years event HERE.


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