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Free Organic Seed Potato

Did you know, that despite one of the healthiest food systems in the country- Vermont is also one of the most food insecure?   More than 84,000 Vermonters of all ages live in food insecure households…  we have work to do!

FREE ORGANIC SEED POTATO for Food Security Gardens and Rows…

GROW A ROW! Free Organic Seed Potato for VT Community Gardens, Foodshelves, or anyone ‘growing a row’ for VT’s food insecure. Thanks to support from our friends @ High Mowing Organic Seeds, Willow Crossing Farm has organic seed potato available for food security initiatives.


Call Keith @ (802) 734-1129 or email

Nov. 15- Keynote Presentation in NH and Comments for FSMA!

ImageNew Hampshire- 2100

Farms for the Future

Ecological Regeneration and Economic Viability for Northeastern Farm Legacy

FRIDAY, November 15, 2013

     6:00 PM    —    Newport, NH

     As the 21 century gets underway, it appears ever more likely that we will face continued challenges and change at an unprecedented rate- likely even greater than experienced during the 20th century.  As we face uncertainty in regards to climate, energy, government, and the global economy- we can fear change, scramble to react, or adapt appropriately and with intention.

Join with professional farm designer Keith Morris to explore how the study of ecology, history, and ecological design can help us act on the tremendous opportunities we have at present to make our farms more resilient, ecologically regenerative, and economically viable with an eye towards healthy communities and a lasting legacy into the future.

We’ll look to a few inspiring examples from here in the northeast and beyond of farms using permaculture to create health and abundance by combining tradition with new crops and techniques- focusing on the intersection of social and ecological health, and caring for future generations.

On Friday, November 15 at 6 pm, you are invited to join us for the 67th Annual Awards Dinner for the Sullivan County Conservation District.  There will be a farm-sourced meal, recognition for stand-out farms and educators, and an opportunity to  weave connections between area veteran farmers, young and new growers/ homesteaders, extension agents, and state and local representatives looking to engage in making a viable agricultural future for the region.

$15 Includes Dinner and Award Ceremony, to make a reservation, please contact Lionel Chute, ASAP

6:00 PM  in the Sugar River Bank Community Room

     10 N. Main St.  in Newport, NH


HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization & Safety Act)!?

Comments are due by NOV. 15!

The rules, as currently proposed, have the potential to be very damaging to many farms – especially those who are focused on veggies and fruits, or concerned about Food Sovereignty.

RURAL VERMONT, NOFA VT, UVM EXTENSION,  New England Farmers’ Union, and the VT Agency of Agriculture have pulled together some of the best analysis of what you need to know and what you CAN DO to add your voice to the protest over how these proposed rules could devastate small scale agriculture in the northeast.



We’ll also be presenting with MARK SHEPARD (whose farm is pictured in the flyer above) during this Winter’s NOFA MASS Conference on January 11.


AND with NOFA VT on February 15


LASTLY- Our internationally recognized, farm-based PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATION COURSE will be held this summer July 20 – August 1, and is already beginning to fill!  Please reserve your space now, and feel free to share course information with potentially interested friends and networks.

Happy Harvest-

Keith and Family

Urban Permaculture and Winter Food Production at Antioch in Keene, NH Oct. 30


Join with Keith Morris, Antioch University Staff, and Keene Community Gardens Connections for a day-long exploration of urban permaculture, food security, ecological regeneration, and year-round food production.

We’ll introduce the concept of permaculture with a focus on its application in urban context, for renters, and food security / resilience support.

$35 fee includes lunch, free spaces for Community Gardens Connections program Participants.

Space is limited!  Register now by contacting Monica Pless at

Event Website:

Keene Community Gardens Connections:

Facebook Event Page:

Keith Morris is a farmer and designer based in northern Vermont who is committed to preserving, advancing, and distributing the collective knowledge of our ecosystems and vibrant agricultural communities to the ends of food justice and right livelihood.  He teaches ecological farm design at the University of Vermont, the Yestermorrow Design Build School, Sterling College, Paul Smiths College, and with other community organizations.  For the past 17 years he has been working with farmers, community organizations, and conservation groups to implement ecological regeneration, food production, and integrated farm infrastructure throughout the northeast.  He regularly works regularly in New York City, and has helped design and implement food security and resilience initiatives in the Freetown Christiania; with the Ibo in Biafra , Nigeria; ‘La Toma’ squat city Santiago, Chile; with the communities displaced by the Newmont Gold Mines in Ghana ; and elsewhere.

Stay tuned for more details regarding the upcoming keynote presentation for the Sullivan County Conservation District’s 67th Annual Awards Dinner- focused on farm-scale permaculture, farm legacy, and connecting older farmers with younger/ newer growers and homesteaders.

We’ll also be presenting at this winter’s NOFA MASS conference Jan. 11 with Mark Shepard, and February 15-16 at the Winter NOFA VT Conference.

Please feel free to share this email/ page with any potentially interested friends, networks, listervs, or groups.

Canning and Food Preservation Workshop September 9


Join us at Willow Crossing Farm to learn the basics of canning and food preservation. We will learn about several ways to preserve garden fresh food including ‘hot water baths’, steam juicing, pressure canning, pickling etc…

This will be a hands on workshop where we will be making/canning tomato sauce and salsas, pickling and other delicious treats.

Please bring a bagged lunch, and other fun recipes you may want to share

$35 includes taking home a canned item

space is limited, please register and pre-pay by september 5th.

Workshop led by Jennifer Stellma of High Hopes Farm and Kori Gelinas of Willow Crossing Farm.

Jennifer Stellma of High Hopes Farm has been homesteading and organic farming for over 15 years. She is an herbalist, medicine maker, vegetable farmer, artist, and mother of two boys.

Kori Gelinas of Willow Crossing Farm runs Willow Crossing Healing Arts & Botanicals, and has been practicing healing arts for 14 years. She is a massage therapist, aromatherapist, herbalist, yoga teacher, organic farmer, and mother of two daugthers.

To register or for more information, please call or email Kori Gelinas:

korigvt(at)  (802) 355-6910

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