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Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop and Scionwood Exchange- POSTPONED to March 30


Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop and 2nd Annual Scionwood Exchange



Willow Crossing Farm, Johnson, VT

Hi Friends and Neighbors,

Please feel free to share this event with potentially interested friends and networks, thanks! Thanks to everyone who came out for the pruning workshop- despite less than ideal weather it was a great success. Hope to see some you!

Fruit Tree Grafting and Propagation:


Saturday, March 30 10 am – 4 pm

“St. Patrick’s Day” Localvore Dinner 


Saturday, March 23 4:30 pm

at Willow Crossing Farm, Johnson, VT

Organized by Prospect Rock Permaculture

Join us for a day of hands-on fruit tree grafting. We’ll begin the day in the classroom understanding the science of grafting, and practice bench-grafting apples, pears, plums, and other stone fruits. Everyone will have the opportunity to graft their own tree to take home!

After lunch, we’ll go out and ‘top work’ multiple varieties onto pears, apples, plums, and other stone fruit. We’ll discuss some pruning basics, different grafting strategies for ‘fruit salad trees’, healing damaged trees, reworking new varieties, revitalizing old orchards, enhancing cross-pollination, and space considerations. We’ll look at and evaluate both successful and failed past grafts.

We’ll contextualize our work in briefly telling some history of our farm and touring our incredibly diverse collection of nuts, berries, vines, nitrogen-fixing plants, and regenerative DIY farm infrastructure. We’ll also explore the incredible history of grafting, the range of grafting possibilities, and practice with professional grafting tools which make for more successful grafts by novices and experts alike.

Each attendant will leave with an apple or pear variety of their choosing on semi-dwarf or standard rootstock, or a stone fruit variety of their choosing on native american plum rootstock. $40 suggested donation sliding scale includes cider and tea, and your own grafted fruit tree to take home. No one will be refused for lack of funds, but everyone must pre-register.

We will also be having a St. Patrick’s Day Localvore Dinner and Party afterward, so feel free to stay and enjoy farm-sourced, house-brined corned beef and super local organic vegetables. Details about the dinner are on the website (and will announced here as a separate event).

Due to the popularity of this event, you much pre-register. There is a possibility of another event in April, please send an email to express your interest.
Please RSVP by sending an email to

We must get an email from you, as the weather will determine where we park cars, and we will also send you some information about how to best collect scion wood if you want to propagate some favorite fruit trees.

The workshop will be taught by:

Zach Leonard is a master horticulturalist and as been the farm manager of Elmore Roots Nursery for more than a decade. He and his family have created High Hopes Farm, a diverse off-grid homestead.

Nicko Rubin is the owner of East Hill Tree Farm, where he has been growing and propagating hardy fruits and nuts in the foothills of the Groton Mountains. He completed the master’s program for sustainable landscape design at the Conway School.

Dave Johnson is a timber framer with a passion for fruit trees. His competence with sharp tools and wood translate readily into many successful grafts and a legacy of multi-grafted old wild apples throughout the hills of Vermont.

Keith Morris has been collecting and experimenting with rare fruits, nuts, and medicinal plants since 1996, and is professor of ecological design at the University of Vermont. He’s slowly built his family’s farm debt-free with sweat-equity and has contributed to creating resilient and diverse food systems on 5 continents.

Thank you,
(802) 734-1129

Willow Crossing Farm
Johnson, VT

Prospect Rock Permaculture
Design and Education for Ecological Culture
P.O. Box 426
Jeffersonville, VT 05646
(802) 734-1129


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