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2021 Plant Sale!

Greetings Friends!

We hope this message finds you and yours well and having a nice summery spring!

We are offering nursery plants for pickup downtown Jeffersonville or at the farm in Johnson, in the Old North End of Burlington, and possibly delivery to limited locations in Southern VT or Western MA.

We presently intend to offer our 14th annual Permaculture Design Certification course July 18- July 30 in person and hands-on, at Willow Crossing Farm, at the intersections of the Lamoille River, the Long Trail, and the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail. The course will run with a limited group size, ensure your space by registering now! As always, we can offer full scholarships for income-eligible VT state residents and are happy to work with folks from out of state to make the course more accessible.

We’re excited to offer the following plants from our nursery- as always please ask if you are looking for anything in particular, and search through past years plant sale pages for more information on varieties and a sampling of the many things we offer different years.  With Covid complicating many endeavors on the farm and in our community, we greatly appreciate your patience with this year’s list and getting orders together. We will have an expanded menu of options (including wholesale quantity pricing) available for spring 2022, and can begin taking reservations, now. (We also really need help updating our web and social media presence!)

With limited capacity this spring we expect to sell out of most offerings.  Pick up starts Tuesday April 27.

All proceeds support floodplain reforestation, resilience, productive habitat stewardship, and insect and wildlife sanctuary at Willow Crossing Farm.

Please inquire about ‘bulk’ pricing (10 or more plants in any combination) or ‘wholesale pricing’ (10x or 100x etc of the same variety).  This is great for folks establishing hedgerows, windbreaks, shelterbelts, orchards, vineyards, or looking to begin commercial production of these Vermont-proven fruits, nuts, berries, and vines.

BARE ROOT is a naked tree and wants to be planted as soon as possible, prices are determined by size (diameter caliper or ~height) and rarity of tree or variety.  Please arrange pickup as soon as possible.

POTS are ONE GALLON and $20 EACH unless otherwise stated.  They would love to be planted into their permanent home sooner than later but can ‘hang out’ for several weeks if necessary.

Please reserve your quantities ASAP, as we imagine most of these will sell out quickly.

Plants are available for pickup BY APPOINTMENT- with contact free transactions.  Pickup can be arranged in Johnson, Jeffersonville, or the ONE in Burlington.  Because some plants are at the farm, or in greenhouses, or cold storage- please call or email to confirm availability and arrange a time and ensure the right location to get your plants, and allow me time to gather your order- I’m available by phone or email to make an appointment.

We will try to hold trees, but without cash in hand (venmo: @earthsurfing) there are no guarantees- first come first served, especially with bare root as we want them planted asap.  Feel free to PayPal Friends and Family or Facebook Messenger money for a guaranteed reservation.


A beautiful, super early flowering cold hardy edible dogwood- with beautiful flowers and delicious pest-free fruit. Large 3-5′ bare root plants $40 each “Elegant”, “Pioneer”, “Red Star”, “Red Dawn”, “Yellow” need more than one variety for cross-pollination


The superfood Honeyberry or Haskap

A very hardy and unique shrub, Honeyberry is an edible species of Honeysuckle with sweet and tasty fruit- presently being developed as a commercial crop through the coldest parts of the world.  Valued for its tasty, blueberry-like fruit, its extremely early ripening, often two weeks before strawberries, and its exceptional hardiness, to minus 40 degrees F., or below. Great for fresh eating, juicing, and preserves.  Has approximately 5x the anti-oxidants of blueberries!

“Arora”, “Czech 17”, “Indigo Gem”, “Indigo Treat” (requires more than one variety for pollination)



This is the earliest of all nut trees to bear nuts.  One of our favorites for a future crop in VT, now well into production here at Willow Crossing, these multi-stemmed trees will begin to bear nuts in as little as 3 years from planting. They also make nice hedges, living fences, privacy screens, or snow fence, and have attractive fall foliage.

Pollen-Controlled Cross (bare root): $20 each


BLACK WALNUTS-  The most valuable lumber tree in the the northeastern forest, and long-lived producer of delicious nuts. Mature trees can be tapped for syrup, a favorite for silvopasture design. Not recommended near areas where tomatoes or potatoes are grown.  Proven VT Hardy 3-4′ Bare Root Tree $25

BUTTERNUT– Our native and endangered ‘white walnut’ Bare Root seedling trees 2-3′ $25

CARPATHIAN WALNUT (Juglans regia) 2-3′ bare root: $25 (*experimental in Lamoille county, proven in champlain and CT river)

SHAGBARK HICKORY: 6-12″ bare root $15-20

NORTHERN PECAN: 1-2′ bare root $25 (*experimental in Lamoille county, proven in champlain and CT river)

American Chestnut: 6-12′ bare root $15-20

Black Locust: 2-3′ bare root $15-20 Super fast growing Nitrogen Fixer, edible flowers, rot resistant wood, high btu firewood.


HARDY KIWIS-  Hardy, Fuzzless, and even Sweeter!  One Gallon Pots $20

-FEMALES:  “KEN”S RED”, “Geneva 3”, “MICHIGAN STATE”, ANNA, CHANGBAI,   Requires at least one male.

-‘CLARK’ and ‘MEADER’ MALE-  1 gallon pots. $20 3/5″ potted males $15   1 male needed for every 8 females, depending on pattern.

SCHISANDRA:     Eastern Prince: gallon pots $20, ~self-fertile  

The ‘Five Flavor Berry’- selection of self-fertile Magnolia Vine from the Vavilov Institute at Vladivostok, Eastern Prince Schisandra Vine™ bears good crops of large, tasty fruit. Eastern Prince™ Schisandra Vine is hardy to minus 35 degrees F., USDA Zone 3. This particular variety is bears clusters of lightly fragrant, magnolia-like flowers. The snow-white flowers are followed by striking, crimson berries which have a tart and very distinctive taste and aroma. The fruit makes tasty, vitamin-rich juice and preserves, and the dried leaves, shoots, and roots are used to make a refreshing and stimulating tea.

HOPS:  3.5″ pots $12 “Alpha Aroma” or “Brewer’s Gold”

Black Currants


ELDERBERRIES a favorite native for its medicinally valuable delicious berries and showy flowers. Source of syrups, wine, pies, and fritters 3.5″ pots $12: “Adams”, “Ranch”, “Bob Gordon”, “Wyldwood”, and “Wild”.

Paw Paw: 1-2′ bare root $20

SEA BERRIES: Nitrogen-fixing hardy superfood fruit! “Amber Dawn” 1 gallon pots,

FIGS: 3.5″ potted rooted cuttings $10 ‘LSU’; One Gallon Pots ‘Chicago Hardy’ $25



A unique cross of Gooseberry and Black Currant, Jostaberry is the most vigorous of all our Currant varieties. A very disease resistant and easy to grow small shrub, Jostaberry produces very large, jet black, sweet-tart fruit, high in Vitamin C and good for fresh eating and excellent for jams and jellies.

GOJI BERRY:  Crimson Star:  Gallon Pots $20,  Phoenix Tears small pots $10 ~zone 5 hardy.  Commercial variety, edible leaves also! ~self-fertile

aronia berries

ARONIA-  One Gallon Pots $20 “Nero” and “Viking”

An easy to grow, productive small shrub, Nero grows 3- 4 ft. in height and bears abundant crops of large, jet-black berries, good for juice and wine. A beautiful ornamental, you’ll enjoy Nero’s abundant clusters of very dark blue fruit and striking, bright red, fall foliage.

8-10′ Seedling Rootstock Plums, Pears, Antanovka Apples available $200 and up. FALL

PEARS:  1 gallon pot grafted trees ‘Bartlett’ $30


SEA BERRY:  A Nitrogen Fixing Fruit Tree- know for its medicine/ super-food / nutraceutical properties.

BLACK LOCUST: 2-3′ $15-20

Inquire about wholesale pricing (10x plants or 100x plants) for orchards, windbreaks, Shelterbelts, and production systems.  Inquire about Lemons and other citrus, Tea and Maté plants, and other unique plants.

CANNABIS:  Please contact us for seeds, seedlings, clones, or flats of starts of CBD hemp.  We also have organic flower and pre-rolls. We are offering cloning services for a limited number of ‘adult use’ strains for legal grows (21+, please) $25 each cloning fee Durban Kush x Venom OG; DK x Pineapple Punch; Gelato; Forbidden Fruit x Gelato; Granola Funk; Starfighter Wookie; Blueberry Muffins x Runtz; Garlic Cookies.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ELSE?  Let us know- we have more than is listed here, including scionwood and seed. Feel free to reserve things for fall 2021 or spring 22

HOW TO ORDER?  The best way to ask questions is to send an email to KEITH@PROSPECTROCK.ORG, TEXT, or CALL (802) 734-1129.  The best way to send money is Venmo (@earthsurfing), Paypal Friends and Family, Check, or Paypal purchase, Credit Card over the phone (in order of preference).


A reminder- enrollment is open for our 14th ANNUAL FARM AND WILDERNESS IMMERSION PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATION and full scholarships  available for income-eligible Vermont State Residents.  Please invite friends and family members who may be interested in immersing for two weeks in Vermont!


Wishing you and yours health and resilience!

Keith and Family

Willow Crossing Farm is Vermont’s Longest Running Permaculture and Agroforestry Research and Demonstration Farm-  Contact us for Design Consultations and Design/ Build Services.

Sunday in NH: Nuts and Cannabis!


Nuts for the Northeast and Organic Cannabis-

Keith Morris at NOFA NH Sunday, March 18, 2018

NOFA NH Winter Conference

Merrimack Valley High School

106 Village Street Concord, NH 03303



Nuts for the Northeast

     Since the dawn of time, nuts have been some of the most important food plants for human beings.  Nut trees and shrubs offer some of the most nutrient dense foods, provide habitat, show the potential for a ‘carbon-negative’ and flood resilient agriculture, and are economically valuable for a variety of products in addition to nuts themselves.
Join with grower and international farm designer Keith Morris to explore the fascinating ecology and mythology of a few nut trees particularly suited to growing on farms and in neighborhoods throughout in the northeast.  We’ll focus of hardy proven nuts, and introduce some of the breeding, trailing, and hybridizing happening at Willow Crossing Farm in Johnson, VT to select for disease resistance, organic production, high quality timber, oils, medicinal properties, and to migrate some important nuts typically grown in warmer regions.  Participants will leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of some trees commonly found in towns and hillsides, and be introduced to promising less common nuts.

Organic Cannabis


Long cultivated for seed, oil, fiber, medicine, and its intoxicating effects-the cannabis plant has a fascinating history and offers tremendous agricultural potential.  With various types of legalization possible in New Hampshire and surrounding us in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Canada, we’ll explore this plant with a particular eye towards CBD (Cannabidinol) and the rapidly expanding legal recreational industry.  While serving to introduce some basics to folks new to the plant and its growth, this workshop will also offer valuable information to more experienced growers, exploring the present and possible future legal nuances and its potential role in regenerative agriculture on small farms, market gardens, homesteads, and with small indoor growers.
Keith Morris is the founder of Willow Crossing Farm- Vermont’s longest running Permaculture/ Agroforestry Research Site- producing fruits, nuts, eggs, herbs, nursery plants, solar power, farm dinners, educational events, kids programs, nature and yoga education with local schools, and small farm-based music festivals. Willow Crossing has been implemented entirely debt-free, and without pre-existing capital- through sweat equity and deliberate financial permaculture/ community-supported social design. Off farm, Keith helps growers and communities design appropriate infrastructure to make food systems more regenerative, resilient, and connected; and started the Permaculture Education programs at the University of Vermont, Sterling College, the Yestermorrow Design Build School, St. Mikes College, and Paul Smiths College, and with the USAID Farmer to Farmer Program.
Willow Crossing Farm is Vermont’s longest established permaculture research and education facility, and a debt-free ‘financial permaculture’ working family farm.   We host one of the most diverse collections of tree crops in the northeast, offer farm-based dining and educational opportunities to the local communities, and host annual events that attract people from across the country and a surprising variety of international students. We grow a variety of fruits, nuts, berries, and vines in an organic nursery; experiment with new crops, techniques, and regenerative farm infrastructure; manage production to create wildlife refuge and pollinator sanctuary; and have been focused on developing ‘productive buffers’ to reforest floodplain and riverside banks with marketable production.

Rising Appalachia is coming back to the farm!


AND we’re hosting an affordable 1 week intensive Permaculture Action Camp!

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Pruning the Forest Garden- March 31   REGISTER NOW

Hands-on in Vermont’s most diverse collection of Fruits, Nuts, Berries, and Vines!



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Learn how to make more of your favorite apples, plums, peaches, pears, and more- and go home with your own grafted fruit tree!



Our 11th Annual Farm and Wilderness Immersion PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATION COURSE- July 17-29, 2016     REGISTER NOW

An unparalleled learning experience- with the most experienced teaching team in the northeast and beyond!




FRUIT, NUT, BERRIES, VINES, and MEDICINAL HERB PLANT SALE!  Pre-orders open now, for pick up beginning April 23.

2018 Plant Sale!


Thank you for reading and sharing with your friends and networks!  Look forward to seeing you.


Keith and Family

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