Vermont's Permaculture Institute


(Now accepting clients for fall 2015)

We offer a full range of services to help you achieve goals of ecological regeneration, food security and productivity, energy efficiency, and resilience.

Our team has combined decades of experience in designing and implementing permaculture design in cities, countrysides, and working farms around the world.  We have worked for State and Municipal clients, private homes and homesteads, schools, farms, Conservation Districts, Land Trusts, and other businesses to deliver insightful analysis of the ecological context, and provide integrated designs that specifically respond to sites and clients’ goals.

Real Estate ‘Prospecting’

Begin working with experienced designers before you invest in property.  If you have visions of gardens, fruit and nut tree orchards, passive solar or energy independent homes, or are considering starting a farm enterprise, let us help you find the right land!  This where we have the greater leverage to help you realize your goals.

Draw on our deep experience as professional growers, entrepreneurs, and builders as you search for suitable sites.

We also have experience in facilitating Rent-to-Own, Mortgage Free, Farm Leases, Farm Businesses on Community Owned Land, and other ‘alternative’ arrangements.  We also consult with people without access to land to grow indoors, on roofs, in community gardens, and practice ‘landless permaculture’ or ‘permaculture for renters’.

Site Analysis and Assessment

If you’re already working with an existing site:  we provide a careful reading of the landscape, map your assets and challenges, and clarify the role existing ecological communities, water dynamics, microclimates, access, soil conditions, prevailing weather patterns, historical land use, context and other issues play in determining the best regenerative design response.

Design Concepts

Detailed Designs, Planting Plans, Phase (Implementation) Plans, Budgets


Ecological Earth Works, site preparation, building, tree planting, garden installation, water features, pond construction, wildlife corridors, erosion prevention, etc.

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