Vermont's Permaculture Institute

Book Store

We sell all titles published by Chelsea Green at 25% off of the cover price.  30% off 5 or more titles.  SHIPPING INCLUDED.

We also sell The Designers Manual and Introduction to Permaculture, and other important titles at below market rates to support distribution of this information.

Please support Permaculture Design, Research, Education, and Practice (or a local independent bookseller) rather than corporate warehouses!

This page will be undated with title listings soon.

One response to “Book Store

  1. Meg Woolmington January 24, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Keith, I’d like to order Into to Permaculture from you, and have you ship it with Megan Donckers’ order if you haven’t shipped that already. (We’ll connect soon as we were both in the N Bennington-McWaters park crew.) Should I simply send you a check? Let me know what the grand total is, and thanks again for a possibly life-changing weekend!
    Meg Woolmington
    North Bennington, VT


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