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The ‘Nursery / Tree Crops Skills Internship  Part time help Summer 2017

full time residential late winter- early spring 2018

This is a profit-share position for people with the right skills or existing plant collections.

The ‘Building Internship’      Fulltime summer 2017 and 2018 masonry, carpentry, solar wiring, farm infrastructure, tiny houses, plumbing, etc.
 Various part of this internship can be paid positions for people with marketable skills in the trades (timber framing, plumbing, wiring, masonry, finish carpentry, etc.).
Design Concentration Internship:  
Primarily winter months.
If you have skills in sketchup, there is the possibility of collaborating on some building design and/ or site design at a distance.  We’ll also be working in Prezi, and would love to see any files if you have worked in that medium.  We are specifically interested in dynamic web and video media for professional presentation of designs.
The Vegetable Production position is April – October, or potentially year round, with the preference for someone with experience in intensive commercial organic vegetable production for market.  This is a profit-share position for people with the right skills.
The Permaculture Education position is July- August and requires a body of work of implemented designs, or work as an educator such as in public school or mentor ship organizations.  We are open to collaboration in various forms to co-lead and/ or host a variety of educational programs and support your development as an educator.  We are always accepting Workshop Proposals and taking on Apprentice Teachers– especially graduates of our own Prospect Rock Permaculture  Design Certification Courses (Any course offered through PRP, at Willow Crossing Farm, at Yestermorrow Design Build School, at Sterling College, Saint Michael’s College, Paul Smiths College, and the University of Vermont) or with the Center for Bioregioanl Living, Keyline Vermont, F.E.A.S.T. and/ or Mobile Design Lab, D Acres of New Hampshire, The Resilience Institute, etc.  Hosted workshops and events series are profit-share positions.
Eco-Culinary Management position is part time year round and full time July-August.  This person works directly with Head Chefs Candace Taylor and Emily Wheeler and Vegetable Production Manager to procure and prepare seasonal organic, local, ecologically regenerative, and nutrient-dense meals during Farm Dining Events, Workshops, and Residential Intensive courses.  Farm Dining and Event Catering are profit-share positions.
Yoga Instructor use of our incredibly unique yoga studio for our own and your events.  This is a profit-share position.  Our ~700 ’round foot’ Yoga Studio is available for weekly courses and farm-based and farm-catered Yoga and Yoga Education retreats.



We are taking rolling applications for the following positions:

Marketing Registrar–    Seeking a friendly, articulate, web and social media savvy person for Year-round, part time position.  Responsible for registration of students, collection of tuitions, and marketing workshops and events.

Market Vegetable Farmer-  Full-time, year-round or seasonal grower, experienced in diverse organic vegetable and/ or small fruit and nursery plant production.

Plumbing/ Irrigation Specialist- Part time consultancy for field/ greenhouse irrigation, and unconventional indoor plumbing.

Electrician- Part-time Wiring Specialst with solar/ hybrid/ off-grid experience.

Carpenters, Natural Builders, and Timber Framers- Artisanal Builders, please provide portfolio of your work.

Stone Masons- Artisanal Stone Masons.  Please provide portfolio of work.

Apprentice Natural Builders

Apprentice Farmers, Beekeepers, Nurserymen/women.

Permaculture Educators- Year-Round, Part-Time.  Please provide a list/portfolio of design and implemented projects, and proposed presentation topics and/ or workshops.

Excavator Operator- Experienced in roads, logging, ponds, paddies, terraces, swales, erosion control, compost and stone management.


We’ll be looking to partner with experienced organic vegetable growers and will be hiring for a few other positions.

Please share this with qualified friends and networks of skilled folks.

Short-term Contract or Seasonal Work:
Nursery, Orchard, and Herb crew.  we have a variety of work for late March-May suitable for people with skills in nursery, orchard, and forest garden management and/ or organic herb and vegetable production, please see the application to submit your qualifications.
Farm Infrastructure Carpentry, Design/ Build.  Always looking for folks with some skill or experience in the trades (carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electricity, etc.), especially those with farm infrastructure, natural building, or finish carpentry experience.
Pay is dependent on experience and there may be some learning opportunities for folks just wanting to get some experience and flesh out their portfolios with some great projects.
Long Term:
We are looking to have some folks on board in management or partnership positions with a variety of our endeavors for the growing season, with some orientation, meeting, and planning/ strategizing to happen this summer.
Nursery:  The nursery at Willow Crossing Farm now reaches 100s of species and 1000s of plants.  We are looking for a Nursery Manager who is exceptionally well-versed in ‘permaculture plants’: tree crops, fruits, nuts, berries, vines, N-fixers, perennial medicinal herbs, and more.  Preference is for someone with certification in permaculture design, experience in production and/ or retail nursery work, and gifted in grafting and propagation.  Experience with irrigation systems, polycultures, working farms and production orchards a plus.  Web skills also helpful.
Vegetable Production:  We seeking a partner, profit-sharing employee, or manager with experience in market-scale diversified organic vegetable production.  We have the tools and infrastructure- Rich alluvial soil managed organically for over 20 years; 5800 square ft. under rolling greenhouse specifically designed for winter salad production; low tunnels; tools and equipment; food processing kitchen; etc.)- the ideal candidate(s) have production experience, know their markets, and are willing to work within the context of a super-diverse permaculture research and education facility.  We are open to exploring the possibilities of a variety of business plans/ models, including farm dinners and added-value processing.  Preference given to permaculture certified farmers looking for land on which to grow a business they will be committed to long-term.
Natural Builders:  we do a variety of farm infrastructure design/ build both on and off site, and are looking to partner with folks with hard skills in carpentry, finish, plumbing and electricity, earthworks and excavation, natural insulation, paints, and plasters.  The ideal candidates have experience as builders and are looking to expand their portfolios with ecologically regenerative integrated and community food security centered buildings.  Past projects include meaderies, farm kitchens, foodbank facilities, attached greenhouses, multi-purpose barns, ‘tiny houses’, living roofs, wastewater wetlands, etc.  This would be contract based, not full time work.  Accepting portfolios and conducting on-site interviews.
Media Specialists:  We are looking to team with video, photo, and animation artists for a variety of educational content.  We are looking to team with social media/ outreach/ and web design/ digital management specialists.  Please send a portfolio of your work.  Strong preference for PDC graduates.
Yoga Instructor:  Seeking a permaculture-inspired yoga instructor for weekly classes in our studio/ classroom.


Botanical Illustrator

Do you have a portfolio of botanically accurate illustrations of plants (and or insects/ animals)?  We’re looking to partner with an artist for a variety of projects.  Please send a sample portfolio to keith(@)


More details will be announced soon- but we will have Internship Positions

Housing and/ or camping, some meals provided.

We have loose  ‘focus tracks’ to help create teams of complimentary people- but have realized that everyone’s mutually beneficial learning opportunities and offerings are very unique!  Please set an appointment to visit and meet in person to discuss how you may best get involved.

Biological Systems:  point person for our food and medicinal herb production, nursery work, bees, chickens, conservation plantings, wildcrafting, greenhouse management, the plant and animal components of garden and farm design, for clients, etc.
Building Systems:   focused on building systems- ie. building design, carpentry, timberframing, site work and foundations, drainage, earthworks, machines, water systems, energy and waste management systems, etc.
Design:   focused on client and presentation/ ‘deliverables’  end of the spectrum- presentation graphics, map making, media generation, landscape analysis, client liaison, etc.
Education:  point person for educational offerings, farm workshops, curriculum development, public presentations, outreach, web and media generation, etc.  Ideally, this intern has some experience with the other foci.
Obviously, each intern will be intimately involved in each of these ‘fields’, and they’ll be working together on all of these in an integrated way, but the ‘focus tracks’ will help us help people develop their skills within a particular focus, and also help with management and task delineation, etc.  Ideally, each applicant has already successfully completed a Permaculture Design Certification course (PDC), and has a portfolio of designs and implemented projects.
The program will run from May- October, although there would be the potential for the right people to stay on longer.
Johnson is a relatively dynamic town for northern VT, home to a smaller state college, an international art school, and nearby a variety of awesome farms, wild places, tourism attractions, and resorts.
This is an unpaid internship.  We are certainly willing to share the proceeds of market sales, educational workshops, and design and building work for clients– relative to interns’ contribution to those income streams.
Please let us know about your interest immediately, and if a particular focus track is resonating with you.  I’ll be announcing the formal application process within the next few weeks, applications will be rolling.  Ideally, we’ll be meeting with each of the applicants and touring the farm and our other operations before you commit, so if anything is bringing you to the northeast, please be in touch.
Thanks for checking this out, and please let us know if you have any questions.  Please feel free to share with interested friends or relevant networks.
While we are limited in our ability to support interns, we are always willing to set up individual and shorter term apprenticeships to help Permaculture Design Course Graduates develop professional, community-scale skills.
Email keith@prospectrock(dot)org for more information, and check out last year’s apprenticeship descriptions below for additional details.


Hiring for March-May

Part Time Tree Planting Crew

Position begins March 1 and goes through May.

Must be able and willing to put in a whole day of digging holes.  Dates are sporadic and weather dependent.

Interesting multi-purpose permaculture trees.  Other learning opportunities abound.

Preference for folks with organic farming, tree ID, design, or building/ carpentry experience.

Camping and eggs provided.


‘Chef in the Field’ Events:

If you are a chef who would like to showcase your talents, we will be dinners throughout the growing season where meals are made directly from the garden and other local sources and served in a special environment.

Also seeking to explore potential partnerships for a farm-based restaurant/ diner/ juice bar/ tea house.


Prospect Rock Permaculture Internships:

Sought:   interns/ apprentices or couple for intensive Permaculture design, build, and education experience.
You will help with and be supported in:
DESIGN:    Analysis, assessment, and whole-site professional permaculture designs for farms, schools, residences, and municipal clients throughout the region.  Build skills and experience in client relationships, urban farming and community food security, etc.
EDUCATION:    Assist with professional educational programming, help plan, run, and teach multiple Permaculture Design Certification courses, develop public speaking skills, workshops and workshop hosting, lectures and keynotes, and help run an educational farm.
GROWING:    Producing food for market, storage, preservation, and (most importantly?) consumption!:  organic vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes, vines, winter vegetables. etc..  Nursery production, plant breeding, research, and propagation.  Poultry care, organic apiculture (beekeeping), and integrated systems.  Rice and aquaculture.  CREP/ NRCS riparian reforestation and ecological regeneration, EQIP funded high tunnels, pollinator borders, and cover cropping systems.  Build Competence with Farm machinery and biodiesel vehicle use, maintenance, and other regenerative tools.
NATURAL BUILDING, FARM INFRASTRUCTURE, AND DESIGN/ BUILD: Design and build Farm infrastructure:  Ecological excavation and earthworks, masonry, concrete work, carpentry, natural insulation (strawbale, cob, woodchip clay, etc.), commercial high tunnels and passive solar greenhouses, geodesic domes, root cellars, food processing facilities, pond and paddy construction, alternative energy, water catchment, spring development, irrigation, barns, timber-framing, small homes, etc.
ALSO:        Incredibly beautiful Lamoille River waterfront site on the Rail Trail and Long Trail in a vibrant college town, near a resort.  Kind people and great community, arts and activism, many other area farms and allied projects, etc.  Our farm also hosts practitioners of healing arts, yoga courses, ‘Chef in a Field’ events, etc.
THE SKINNY:    We are hoping to find individuals/ a couple who already have some proficiency with one or more of the above skill sets who are looking to compliment them with others to better design, implement, and build regenerative resilent whole systems, and/or making them (and permaculture ethics and principles) more accessible to others by delivering excellent education and community service.
We offer eggs, veggies, rustic housing, travel to projects and events, and countless structured and unstructured learning opportunities in exchange for 20-50 hours a week (it will vary and we try to keep a human pace).  There may also be stipends for skilled labour and expertise.
Strong preference for Permaculture Design Course (PDC) graduates or equivalent.  (Although there are ample other opportunities to help and learn- please be in touch.)   Preference given to Permaculture Teacher Training and/ or Advanced Permaculture course (APDC) graduates.  Preference for folks with some farming, design, building, or education experience.  Outdoor education, wilderness, ancient skills, youth mentorship, etc. experience a plus.  Enthusiasm or expertise with boating, hiking, biking, rock climbing, naturalists, plant ID, storytelling, tracking, original skills, etc. a plus.

Equal opportunity, ALANA, LGBTQF encouraged to apply.
Couples and non-traditional couples encouraged to apply singly or jointly.  Some child care may be available (or we can at least share!)
College Credit may be available through home institution.
Thanks for looking and sharing with potentially interested people!


Residential Chef (Paid Position): 

Position Filled- Welcome aboard Emily and Ross!

There are still opportunities to cook here- see the guest chef lising.

Please email interest, qualifications and experience, and sample menu to keith(@)

One response to “Opportunities

  1. Andrew Rapisarda February 22, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    I am very interested in working with you this summer. I am currently a student at Johnson State College studying Environmental Education. I am a very passionate individual, who wants to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I have been leading groups of children and adults on outdoor excursions for about 7 years, through wilderness camps, ski instruction, and leadership groups. I have no problems with planning and leading activities including hiking, plant identification, storytelling, and a wide variety of other unique skills.
    Although I do not have a wealth of knowledge about farming and Permaculture design, I am very interested in those things and have a strong base of information that would help me get off to a great start. I have learned about growing plants and wild edible foods through personal experience, and I surround myself with people of these similar interests to learn as much as I can about these topics in my free time. Currently I am maintaining about 5 or 6 fermentation projects. I have been making kombucha, fermented vegetables, sourdough bread, apple cider vinegar, and sprouting often!
    I really want to surround myself with people that have made a life out of these things so I can go on to follow my dreams and start a program of my own. Hopefully I can work with you this summer to enhance my skills and help you out as much as I can. I have a feeling I could recruit a friend to join me in this pursuit if you are interested. We will be in touch and if you email me back I will send a resume ASAP.
    Andrew Rapisarda

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