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Hi Friends,  Please share with your networks and potentially interested friends.  Thanks!
Tonight at Willow Crossing Farm-
July 20, 7:30 pm, Free and Open to the Public
Former intern and student Reid Samuel Rosemond will be arriving in his full size school bus FARM ON WHEELS.   Reid and friends are on a national tour educating about food and renewable energy, and helping to set up schoolyard gardens and community gardens across the country.   Their bus is a 1996 International Blue Bird bus that runs on waste vegetable oil (WVO) and is complete with a variety of sustainable systems including solar panels, a living green roof, vermacompost, waste water collection tanks, wood burning stove, a mobile greenhouse and a livable/ classroom interior that has been constructed with recycled materials.   Read more about it and the team onboard at
Reid is earning his Certificate in Sustainable Design and Building from the Yestermorrow Design Build School, where I’ve been serving as his advisor, and he’ll be presenting his bus as his practicum this evening.
Tonight’s prestation is also a part of the 5th Annual Prospect Rock Permaculture Design Certification Course.  Feel free to join us and mingle with our incredible group of students coming from the former Soviet Union, Croatia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Norway, and of course from throughout the United States- to immerse themselves in Permaculture Design at our farm and design studios here in northern Vermont.
A completely farm-sourced dinner will be served at 6 pm, and is all you can eat for $15.  Dinner guests must notify Head Chef Emily Wheeler in advance at (802) 272-9776.
Reid and the SOL FOOD MOBILE FARM crew will begin their presentation and bus tour at 7:30, which is free and open to the public.
This is an open presentation of the 5th annual Prospect Rock Permaculture Design Certification Course.
Keith, Family, and Crew

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