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Come to LIFE! Spring 2018 🌱🌿🌳





May 20, 2018           Willow Crossing Farm      Johnson, VT


We’re honored to be joined again on the farm by our dear friends and deep inspiration RISING APPALACHIA on Sunday May 20, after two nights of shows at Burlington’s Higher Ground on May 18 & 19.  We join in celebration, in service of the Earth, and to deepen our connections to each other and ecology!

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What’s a ‘Permaculture Action Day’??  Check some footage from a recent one in NOLA:


Come to Life Permaculture Action Camp

May 14 – May 20



The Come to Life Permaculture Action Camp in Johnson and Burlington, VT combines a Permaculture Action Course, Rising Appalachia’s Friday & Saturday night concerts at Higher Ground, and the Permaculture Action Day w/ Rising Appalachia at Willow Crossing Farm.


Peia will be opening Friday Night’s concert, and Arouna Diarra will be opening Saturday.

With Ryan Rising of Permaculture Action Network (a 2011 Prospect Rock Permaculture Design Course Graduate), Keith Morris (founder of Prospect Rock Permaculture and Willow Crossing Farm), Robyn Mello of the Philadelphia Orchard Project, and other very special guests!  Join the conversation with participants on the Event Page.

The Action Camp Training includes tickets to Rising Appalachia at Higher Ground: Friday, May 18th and Saturday, May 19th at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT, and puts you in the heart of the action as a skilled facilitator of the Permaculture Action Day w/ Rising Appalachia: Sunday, May 20th at Willow Crossing Farm

The Permaculture Action Course will cover both ecological design science and regenerative earth-based practices, as well as social permaculture and community building skills! Expanding upon the resolutely empowering tool of permaculture design, the Permaculture Action Course is designed to send you back out into the world with the facilitation and organizing skills, as well as the design and implementation skills, to take agency in your life and bring about a more just and regenerative world for all.

Topics include:

  • Intro to Permaculture: Principles, Ethics, and Design
  • The Permaculture Design Process including Site Analysis & Assessment
  • Edible Forest Gardens & Food Forests
  • Disaster Preparedness and Relief
    • Rapid Deployment Compost Toilets
    • Water Filtration
    • Food Collection and Cooking
  • Direct Action and Community Mobilizations
  • Permaculture Disaster Relief and First Responder (PERMACOPRS INTERNATIONAL)
  • Social Permaculture & Alternative Economies
  • Facilitation & Decision Making
  • Organizing Action Days
  • Participatory Ecology
  • Farm Tour
  • Water Catchment, Filtration
  • Village Scale Compost Toilets and Regenerative Waste Management
  • Natural Building
  • Alternative Energy
  • Regenerative Festival / Action Camp Organizing

Practice hands on and lead Permaculture Action activities in:

Best Practices for Ecological Culture of Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Vegetables, and Medicines

Tree Planting, River Bank Stabilization, and Ecologically Regenerative Earthworks

Mushroom Inoculation, Fruit & Nut Tree Pruning Organic Management 

Natural Building, Earthen Plasters, Renewable Energy, Passive Solar Greenhouses

Registration Fee:

Registration for the Permaculture Action Camp is at a sliding scale of $350-900. Suggested tuition is $600. This includes three organic meals a day for four days; up to 8 days of camping on the farm; four full days of hands on training in a beautiful yurt, barn, and outdoor classrooms, and deep inclusion in the Permaculture Action Day w/Rising Appalachia as co-facilitators on Sunday, May 20th.

Your registration fee also includes VIP guest concert tickets to Friday and Saturday night’s Rising Appalachia shows in Burlington!

Please keep in mind: $600 covers the real cost of your participation in the course. Paying at the high end of the sliding scale at $900 subsidizes others’ participation in the course who can’t afford to attend otherwise. Paying at the low end of the scale is welcome (we want your participation!) but please be aware that paying toward the middle range ensures that facilitators and cooks are compensated, project materials are paid for, and everyone involved is taken care of!

If you have any questions, including registration details, alternative lodging accommodations, work trade possibilities, or facilitating additional offerings at the Action Day- please contact or (802) 734-1129

If you want to support low income students, gender/racial diversity in permaculture, and scholarships for those who cannot afford to attend, please write to make a tax deductible contribution!

   Come to Life is an arts and activism based coalition with the intention to facilitate and document positive movement in the world. Come to Life is a channel to bring all the good work we can find to a much larger audience than we would be able to reach otherwise.




Still reading?  Enjoy a short documentary on RISING APPALACHIA!


With Love and Service-

Keith & Family –

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